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What are the side effects of renal puncture?

Renal puncture is a traumatic examination. Many patients are worried that renal puncture will cause harm to the body. Then, does the renal puncture do harm to the body? What are the side effects of renal puncture? Let's take a look at it.
Renal biopsy has no effect on the body, but after biopsy there may be some symptoms, so patients don't have to worry too much.
Hematuria is the most common complication of renal biopsy. There is microscopic hematuria around 80 to 90% after the puncture. The incidence of gross hematuria varies with the degree of puncture needle damage, accounting for about 5-50%. General hematuria disappeared within 1~5 days, without treatment, there is no impact on the patient's kidney.
What are the side effects of renal puncture? Some patients develop infection after renal biopsy. The infection after puncture is due to the lack of aseptic concept or the infection of bacteria after the initial renal infection. Therefore, during the renal puncture, we should strictly disinfect, correctly grasp the operation method, and rationally select the anti - Miao medicine to prevent infection.
What are the side effects of renal puncture? The above content is detailed, kidney puncture surgery will have some symptoms, but patients do not need to worry too much, as long as the attention to good nursing work, generally there is no problem.

 What are the side effects of renal puncture

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