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What are the dietary management of children with type1 diabetes?

Children with type 1 diabetes should pay more attention to diet and exercise in their daily life. Through the reasonable diet, the blood glucose and urine glucose and blood lipids at or near normal levels, prevent and delay the occurrence of complications and development, so it should be given enough attention. The general principle of dietary guidance is a balanced diet, eat regular meals, not only to meet the growth and development of children and reach the blood lipids and blood glucose control objectives, but also according to the various inpidual factors, what are formulated diet management of children with type 1 diabetes?

What are the dietary management of children with type1 diabetes?

One,control principle of total amount

Calculate the total daily calories, calories per meal to distribute according to a plan. The coefficient of selection in the formula should be determined according to age, weight and the size of previous food intake. Then adjusted to satisfactory control according to the situation, and the children can have good compliance.

Two, nutrition collocation

No matter how much food daily intake of total energy, the distribution of nutrients: carbohydrate from 55% to 60%, to encourage a variety of high cellulose non refined carbohydrates, fat accounted for total energy of 20% ~ 25%, reducing saturated fat intake, saturated fat provide energy should not exceed the total energy in 10%, saturated fatty acids and unsaturated fatty acid ratio of 1.2:1, reduce the intake of animal fat, vegetable oil to cook food, meat and fish, chicken, eggs and other fixed food can reduce cholesterol, protein accounted for 15% of total calories per day to 20%, and with the age increase and decrease. Children over the age of 2 recommended daily intakes of fiber grams = age +59, initial total daily calorie formula can refer to. Diet management should pay attention to children's taste, at the same time also need reasonable collocation, healthy diet, avoid diet structure is irrational or partial eclipse. Therefore, dietary management is particularly important for glycemic control in patients with type 1 diabetes mellitus, and parents should take the responsibility of monitoring the planned diet at the beginning of the onset of diabetes so that children with type 1 diabetes develop good eating habits.

Three, parents and older children need to master the nutritional knowledge

Patients and parents need to be familiar with all kinds of food for the majority of children with diabetes blood sugar effect, appetite is good, should pay attention to the choice of low sugar food, sugar high index food to eat, do not recommend eating sweet additives, diet therapy should also pay attention to the commercially available sugar free foods can not eat, not with soy products or meat food instead of staple food, eat pure starchy food.

How to choose the reasonable collocation in life, so that they can match the effect on blood sugar and drugs is a key and difficult diet management of patients with type L diabetes mellitus, diabetic patients and their parents need to find suitable for children's healthy diet law in long-term diabetes management process. The diet plan is not fixed, as children grow older, the required calories will gradually increase, according to the annual growth and nutritional status of children regularly modify diet plan.


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