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Why does prostate hyperplasia cause hydronephrosis?

Hydronephrosis is a more common form of kidney disease, and many people do not know what causes hydronephrosis, which is very difficult to prevent. Experts tell you, what causes hydronephrosis?.

What causes hydronephrosis?

Lower urinary tract obstruction caused by various diseases, such as prostate hyperplasia, bladder neck contracture, urethral stricture, tumor, stone, even phimosis, and so on, can also cause urinary tract emptying difficult and form hydronephrosis.

External lesions caused by obstruction include arterial and venous lesions; female reproductive system disease; pelvic tumor, inflammation; gastrointestinal tract; retroperitoneal lesions (including retroperitoneal fibrosis, abscess, hemorrhage, tumor, etc.).

Segmental function: due to ureteropelvic junction or upper ureteral segmental muscle agenesis and hypoplasia or anatomical structure disorder, affecting the normal peristalsis of the ureter, causing obstruction of power. If this kind of pathological change happens in ureter, bladder entrance, form congenital ureter, the consequence is kidney, ureter dilate and seeper.

Post inflammatory or ischemic scarring leads to local immobilization. Ureteral reflux causes ureteral distortion and, eventually, obstruction of the ureter, ureter, junction, or ureter after fibrosis around the ureter.

Tumors of the renal pelvis and ureter, polyps and other new organisms can be primary or metastatic. Stone and trauma and scar stricture after trauma.

Why does prostate hyperplasia cause hydronephrosis?


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