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Hurt the bad habits of the kidneys

Kidney is an important organ of the human body, its basic function is to generate urine, in order to remove the body of metabolites and certain wastes, toxic substances, while re-absorption function to retain water and other useful substances, such as glucose, protein, , Electrolyte balance and maintenance of acid-base balance. Kidney at the same time there are endocrine function for the body part of the endocrine hormone degradation sites and the target organ of extraperitoneal hormones. These functions of the kidney ensure the stability of the environment in the body, so that the metabolism can be carried out normally. So to protect the kidneys is essential to our health, then what kind of habits in our daily life will hurt it? 8 bad habits that hurt the kidneys

Long-term use or high-dose taking some anti-inflammatory analgesic drugs, such as pain tablets, indomethacin, paracetamol, aspirin, etc., easily lead to kidney damage. Kidney damage can be expressed as: fatigue, dry mouth, loss of appetite, frequent urination, urgency, dysuria, and even hematuria and aseptic pyuria, and accompanied by joint pain and other symptoms. Some directly lead to acute nephritis or glomerular necrosis and other nephrotic syndrome, severe cases will lead to renal failure and death.

Excessive taking some Chinese herbal medicine. In recent years, clinical found that taking certain Chinese herbal medicine (including proprietary Chinese medicine) can cause renal damage. Will "hurt the kidney" of Chinese herbal medicines are: Tripterygium, Guanmutong, Aunt, Canglang, poppy shells, raw grass Ukraine, so gentleman, Aoki, wide defense and so on. Which is the largest kidney damage caused by Tripterygium, followed by Guanmutong. Guan Mu Tong injury kidney is caused by renal toxic substances aristolochic acid.

Overeating. Modern dinner opportunities increase, often eat too much "delicious", the intake of food will eventually produce waste - uric acid and urea nitrogen and so on. Most of these wastes through the kidneys, the diet will undoubtedly increase the burden of the kidney. Often holding back some people because of busy and long time holding back urine. Urine in the bladder for too long is easy to breed bacteria, bacteria will be retrograde through the ureter to the kidney, leading to urinary tract infection and pyelonephritis. This type of infection once recurrent, can cause chronic infection, not easy to cure. Patients will not only appear back pain, urinary frequency urgency and other symptoms, may also develop into acute uremia.

Drinking too little water. If you do not drink water for a long time, urine output will be reduced, the urine to carry the waste and toxin concentration will increase. Clinical common kidney stones, hydronephrosis and so long and do not drink water is closely related. Full drinking water can dilute the urine, protect the kidneys, is conducive to the full discharge of waste and toxins.

Drink too much. Excessive intake of soft drinks and sports drinks will indirectly damage the kidneys. The pH of the body is 7.2, these drinks are generally highly acidic, after drinking the body pH changes significantly. Kidney is the main organ to regulate the body's pH, long-term excessive intake of soft drinks and sports drinks, will bring a burden to the kidney, increasing the probability of kidney damage.

Eat too soft bread. Bread and pastry There is a kind of food additive potassium bromate, it can give baked goods necessary gluten strength and elasticity, eat up the taste of soft, but excessive consumption will damage the human central nervous system, blood and kidney. International cancer research institutions have classified it as a carcinogen.

Drink drink tea. Some people think that drinking wine can drink wine, in fact, this is not only invalid, but also hurt the kidney. Tea theophylline can quickly affect the kidneys and play a diuretic effect, this time the alcohol has not yet re-decomposition from the kidneys, so that the kidney by a lot of ethanol stimulation, and thus damage the kidney function.

The diet is too salty. Diet is salty, especially some snack salt content is too high, such as eating fried potato chips, instant noodles, etc. will make people unknowingly absorb excessive salt, leading to increased blood pressure, kidney blood can not maintain normal flow, and thus induce kidney disease.


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