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How to Lower High Creatinine Levels

Creatinine is a waste product found in everyone's blood. Under normal circumstances, your kidneys should be able to filter and pass this substance out of your body. Certain health problems can hinder this function, however, allowing harmful amounts of creatinine to build up.How to lower high creatinine levels? There are several ways that you can reduce your creatinine levels, including changing your diet, making some lifestyle modifications, taking medications, and participating in medical therapy.

how to lower high creatinine levelsFirst of all, people should change their diet. Excessive sodium can cause an unhealthy amount of fluid retention and may result in high blood pressure. So patient should limit their sodium intake. Besides, people with kidney disease should avoid rich-protein foods. However, you don’t have to cut protein intake out completely because it is needed to maintain adequate amounts of energy and keep your bodily functions running smoothly.

The second method for us to lower creatinine levels is using herbal remedies. It’s believed that herbal tea can help reduce the amount of creatinine in our body. Salvia is an herb that may increase your glomerular filtration rate, which helps to facilitate the elimination of creatinine. To promote renal function, take some salvia. 

Given you have changed you eating habit, and then you might consider changing your lifestyle for lower creatinine levels. Normally speaking, you should drink six to eight glasses of water every day. Your body will produce less urine if you have not drunk enough water. Creatinine is washed out of your system through urine, so producing less urine will make it more difficult to flush out this toxin. Besides, you should try to have a good sleep because sleep deprivation can put physical stress on your entire body and force all of its parts to work harder to perform normal tasks. As a result, your kidneys can become stressed, which will decrease their ability to filter out creatinine. 

Some medicines are considered to be associated with high creatinine levels. So take care of what medicines you take. If you already have kidney problems, be cautious about medications, like ibuprofen, that can cause further kidney damage when used regularly. Some of these medications may cause creatinine to rise. So Keep in touch with your doctor before stopping any medication.

The last method for us how to lower creatinine levels is medical therapy. Someone who has severe kidney damage and consistently high creatinine levels may wish to consider blood purification therapy such Hemodialysis or dialysis. It is a bit extreme, but it can be very effective. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, an alternative medicine may do help to reverse kidney function. Medical baths may also help and are also rooted in traditional Chinese medicine.

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