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Chef Zheng’s creatinine is more than 800. Come and see how he reduced creatinine without dialysis

Zheng's 30 years old this year, there are 4 very lovely children, and a beautiful wife, simple and happy life. Unfortunately 1 years ago found 450 mol/L nephropathy, creatinine, urea nitrogen, 13.9mmol protein 2+ and occult blood 2+ were diagnosed as chronic glomerulonephritis, chronic renal failure. In the face of sudden changes, Xiao Zheng did not give up, insist on treatment, for a period of time after the review did not drop but higher creatinine, creatinine rose to 620 mol/L, urea nitrogen 27.8mmol/L, the local hospital let him on dialysis, but was rejected Xiao zheng......

Xiao Zheng felt he was 30 years old, just a part of life, now after the dialysis, how to do?

Due to rising levels of creatinine, Xiao Zheng from time to time there will be dizziness, fatigue, edema, insomnia, high blood pressure and other symptoms. Finally, through a friend, he came to our hospital alone.

By examining creatinine 836 mol/L, urea nitrogen 32.4mmol/L, uric acid of 780 mol/L, which has reached the stage of uremia, and he dizziness, fatigue, edema, insomnia, high blood pressure and more severe symptoms. Attending doctors realized that he was a serious disease, and patients with strong demand for dialysis, can only use the characteristics of traditional Chinese medicine treatment.

Xiao Zheng's creatinine continues to rise because of the accumulation of a large number of toxins in the body, causing serious damage to the kidneys. According to the traditional treatment, only to eliminate the toxin in blood dialysis, but this is not a permanent solution, only a temporary solution. But in our hospital with kidney, foot bath, external fumigation therapy, can be in the blood of the toxins excreted, and then restore renal cells with the function of Chinese medicine, to cure the purpose.

The 7 day treatment with traditional Chinese medicine, Xiao Zheng of reducing blood pressure, dizziness, fatigue, edema, insomnia and other symptoms disappeared, even the urine is also a very significant change, before the urine is cool and transparent without a smell of urine, after 7 days of treatment, the urine becomes very smelly......

The 14 day, was down to 623 mu mol/L creatinine, urea nitrogen, uric acid recovered 15.6mmol/L down to 297 mol/L, very satisfied with this treatment effect of Xiao Zheng, but his doctor told him that it was only the first stage of the elimination of fatigue, edema, dizziness, insomnia, high blood pressure symptoms, the next focus of treatment will be on the drop on creatinine.

Xiao Zheng is feeling young, the body is also very good, usually do not have what symptom, ignoring the physical examination, a lot of people if you can not find the not physical health problem, it is recommended that you try to perform a physical examination, physical examination two times if you can condition a year in spring and autumn respectively; if the conditions are not allowed yet, it should be physical examination once a year.

Today, we tell you the story of Xiao Zheng, mainly want to let everyone in a busy life, do not forget to care about their body, the body is the capital of revolution, only a good body will have a good life......

Finally tell you how to protect the general kidney

Understand the following 8 little common sense, and the implementation of your healthy kidney, a better life.

1 the general should be to ensure that the basic function of the kidney, which is characterized by fast, convenient, less cost is to protect the kidney, love the first step in the kidney.

2 control of high blood pressure can prevent kidney damage, but also the necessary measures to protect the kidney.

3 women need to do renal function before pregnancy, protect the kidneys, can avoid the occurrence of uremia.

Drink plenty of water in daily life 4 do not hold back, at the same time eating and drinking is harmful to kidney health, want to have a healthy kidney, should avoid the bad habits of life.

5 if the fire occurred when infected by Streptococcus throat tonsils must cure, "eat antibiotics thoroughly, do not stop, otherwise do not let streptococcal infection of the kidney, causing kidney disease.

6 in case of kidney disease to kidney treatment specialist hospitals, specialist, the deterioration of their luanchi herbal remedies only accelerate the disease and no treatment effect.

7 ordinary people to protect the kidney should be avoided without prescription, arbitrary medicine service, especially painkillers harm kidney, without prescription is strictly prohibited, so as not to cause kidney dysfunction.

8 strict control of diabetes, can reduce the probability of occurrence of uremia. Diabetic nephropathy seriously affects the quality of life of patients with diabetes and impaired life expectancy. Therefore, patients with diabetic nephropathy should be able to gain more knowledge of diabetes prevention than other diabetic patients, because whether there is a key factor in determining the prognosis of diabetes nephropathy. Such as early aggress

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