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Why is the creatinine low?

Many patients will appear in the detection of high creatinine phenomenon, this is the most likely to occur in a case of kidney disease. Of course, there are some cases of kidney disease patients with low creatinine phenomenon. What's going on here?
Due to various causes of kidney violating, the first is the occurrence of impaired renal cell phenotype, the formation of pathological changes in kidney, stimulation of fibroblasts into myofibroblasts, and invasion and to stimulate the normal renal tissue inherent in the same disease, thus forming a kidney from local area to the whole, expand the excitation spread process, thus entered the organic injury period (i.e. renal injury period), this time due to kidney damage caused by continuous, its excretion function decreased, causing toxins such as creatinine accumulation in the body, which appeared in the blood creatinine and urea nitrogen increased in urine creatinine decreased, renal filtration rate decreased etc.. At the same time, patients will have high blood pressure, high edema and other symptoms of the body.
Low serum creatinine, can be a preliminary description of the kidney detoxification function is good, the significance of the diagnosis of the disease is not large, there will be no symptoms. Of course, if the creatinine is 0, the meaning is very different, indicating a serious impairment of renal function.
Patients with low serum creatinine or high serum creatinine should be paid attention to. Creatinine in the human body is mainly produced by creatine, which is excreted by the kidneys. Under normal circumstances, due to the relative stability of the body's muscle mass, so the formation of creatinine is constant, the level of serum creatinine is mainly determined by the number of renal creatinine. The renal function is very powerful, if the two kidneys are normal, as long as a kidney function, blood creatinine can be maintained at normal levels. In other words, the degree of kidney injury accounted for more than half of the whole kidney, will lead to elevated serum creatinine. Therefore, serum creatinine did not reflect the early and mild decline of renal function.

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