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Don't forget to look at this when looking through the creati

In the examination of renal function, the majority of patients with kidney disease focus on creatinine, because it is easy to see creatinine, a number is less than one eye. But most of the time, this is not a lot of creatinine.
Where does creatinine come from?
An example of a less elegant example is that creatinine is the body's cellular pull......
In order to survive, the cells have to absorb and consume nutrients, and naturally produce waste. This thing was supposed to be excreted through the kidneys, the kidneys are not allowed to go out when the disease, so the body creatinine high.
What is the effect of creatinine?
Want to quickly reduce creatinine? There is no way to pay, not even a penny spent!
It's simple. You don't eat, and the creatinine goes down quickly.
Not to lower creatinine hunger strike, although it is a joke, but also tells us: creatinine value is easy to be the impact of the food. Eat less, less natural cellular excretion, creatinine is also low.
When moving around than lying in bed does not move to high fat creatinine, creatinine ratio was higher, the occurrence of acute disease than normal to high etc..
Don't forget to look at the urine
Clinically, there is a way to be more convenient and more directly reflect the kidney is better or worse.
Dr. Liu Xiaoqin has been keeping a record of the urine of patients, why?
Urine is the most direct manifestation of renal function, although it does not seem intuitive, but it can give us more information.
Inflammation of kidney will leak from the urine protein, urine of patients can be seen in the bubble; renal failure will become very clear, almost colorless and tasteless, because the toxin in the body.
If the process in the treatment of urine in the floc, or pure water like urine color, taste aggravate, this proves that the kidney out toxins, improve function in. The role of the kidney is detoxification, look at the kidneys detoxification ability, more convincing than watching creatinine.

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