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Does high blood pressure cause high creatinine levels?

Kidney function is very powerful, so in the early stages of the disease, generally does not affect the body, will not appear in response, creatinine, is that kidney damage in the kidney, range can not bear inside, it takes out the rise in creatinine is going on? Why creatinine the rise will affect their relationship in the kidney?? here we come together to discuss the rise in creatinine is how is it?
High blood pressure will not cause high creatinine? General renal compensatory ability in kidney injury, not at a certain level of patients often have no symptoms, when the glomerular filtration rate to more than 50% of normal, serum creatinine increased rapidly beginning, serious bleeding when the normal value of creatinine, acute and chronic glomerulonephritis and the glomerular filtration function decreased, serum creatinine increased.
Due to various causes of kidney are violated, the first is the occurrence of impaired renal cell phenotype, the formation of pathological changes in kidney, stimulation of fibroblasts into myofibroblasts, and invasion and to stimulate the normal renal tissue inherent in the same disease, due to kidney damage caused by continuous, excretion waste function decreased, causing toxins such as creatinine accumulation in the body, there will be symptoms of increased creatinine.
High blood pressure will not cause high creatinine in patients with high serum creatinine? How to treat, is to seize the fundamental index, only cure is the patient who ultimately want treatment, after we clear creatinine is going on, grabbed from the source of the disease, aggressive treatment, it will soon drop. Go on, so patients who do not worry too much, as long as the choice of creatinine for appropriate treatment, the treatment is very easy.


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