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What is creatinine in renal function tests?

Now that people's quality of life has improved, and the health of the body has also attracted attention, many people regularly go to the hospital or physical examination center for a comprehensive physical examination every year. However, when the examination items are numerous, wait until the report came out, there are many values are not clear, "creatinine" value is below normal. Generally speaking, "creatinine" is a high numerical value. It may be a manifestation of kidney function problems. What is the value of "low creatinine"?

Creatinine is actually pided into serum creatinine and urinary creatinine. "Creatinine" in renal function tests is called serum creatinine. Shijiazhuang nephropathy hospital doctors said that serum creatinine is a reliable indicator of glomerular function, which is one of the basic items in the physical examination for understanding renal function, but it is not an early diagnostic marker. The renal function mainly includes glomerular filtration function and renal tubular function. There are two kinds of human serum creatinine: exogenous and endogenous. Exogenous creatinine is the product of the metabolism of meat in the human body. Endogenous creatinine is the product of metabolism of muscle tissue in the body, and 98% of creatinine in adults is found in the muscle. When meat intake and muscle activity are relatively stable, the change of serum creatinine is mainly affected by endogenous creatinine. Serum creatinine is mainly excreted by glomerular filtration, and the concentration of serum creatinine depends on the filtration capacity of the glomeruli when exogenous creatinine intake is stabilized.

If the blood creatinine is higher than normal, it means a kidney problem. Because the concentration of serum creatinine is mainly determined by the glomerular filtration capacity (glomerular filtration rate). When the kidney is impaired and the glomerular filtration capacity decreases, the concentration of serum creatinine increases and the severity of the disease is consistent with the severity of the lesion. The clinical manifestations are mainly acute or chronic renal insufficiency. The cause of kidney disease is common in all kinds of acute and chronic infections, allergic diseases, renal vascular diseases, metabolic abnormalities, congenital diseases, drugs or toxins, circulatory failure, etc.." Shijiazhuang nephropathy hospital experts stressed that if the blood creatinine is higher than normal, should promptly seek medical treatment, find the cause of disease, as soon as possible a clear diagnosis, and actively take targeted treatment, intervention.

In renal function test, serum creatinine is lower than normal, generally speaking, the clinical significance is not great. Creatinine is produced by muscle metabolism, and its production is closely related to muscle metabolism and muscle mass. Low serum creatinine is related to muscular dystrophy, anemia, muscle atrophy and protein intake. It is common in pregnant women, elderly people, young people, thin and emaciated patients, and muscle wasting disease patients. It is worth mentioning that, because of weight loss and vegetarian diet, or breast-feeding mother after the lack of exercise, and intake of protein is relatively insufficient, there may be low serum creatinine. Shijiazhuang nephropathy hospital experts said that as long as the corresponding conditioning, a healthy diet and nutrition intake, and strengthen the movement, that is, to improve. When a physical examination sees that all your values are within normal limits, you will generally be relieved. However, the normal value of serum creatinine does not mean that it is ok. Because when the kidneys were impaired and the glomerular filtration rate dropped to more than half of the normal population, serum creatinine increased markedly. Routine examination of urine can reflect early and mild renal function decline. Therefore, it is recommended to check your urine regularly every year.


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