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Can high creatinine level patient pregnant?

Whether creatinine level high or low it have certain influence on pregnant patients. For those not pregnant yet, it may affect their fertility directly.
If you are on the condition of rising urine acid and creatinine, low-fat, low-protein diet are suggest, recheck after one week.
The normal creatinine level of pregnant patient is 44-133, if your creatinine level within the normal range, it is nothing to worry about.
Observe carefully in daily life, be with light diet, avoid spicy food so that damage the kidneys. So those whose creatinine level slightly high no need to be panic. Be careful not to make yourself too tired and maintain a good attitude and balance of emotions, moderate exercise. If you still worry you can consult your doctor or ask our online doctor directly, we will help you as best as we can.

Can high creatinine level patient pregnant?

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