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High creatinine can not eat what?

First, high serum creatinine can not eat too salty things and should maintain a low salt diet, that is, daily intake of salt should not be higher than 3 grams.

2, high serum creatinine can not eat high potassium foods, common food potassium content as follows: onions, pumpkin, zucchini, melon, eggplant, watermelon, apple, pear, Beijing white pear, red pear, pineapple, fresh cowpea , Taro, carrots, white radish, heart radish, green radish, cabbage, cabbage, gyro pole, celery, green leek, oranges, citrus, duck pear, persimmon and so on.

Third, high serum creatinine can not eat high fat food, you can control the following two measures: 1. Cooking should be less oil, but should not eat fried, fried and greasy food. 2. It is better to use vegetable oil with or without saturated fatty acids.

Fourth, high serum creatinine can not eat foods containing high protein, the daily supply of total protein content should not exceed 20-30 grams, including the staple food contained in the amount of plant protein.

5, high serum creatinine can not eat high phosphorus foods, high phosphorus foods are aquatic products (including aquatic plants), animal offal, sesame, peanuts, walnuts, honey, egg yolk, tea and some dried fruit.

If there is any need to understand the diet, you can consult our online experts.


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