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Seven therapis of lowering chronic renal disease hypercreatinine

Creatinine is the product of muscle metabolism in the body. It is usually metabolized by the kidney and excreted in the urine. But for patients with chronic kidney disease, due to damaged kidneys, they can't work properly and can cause creatinine to accumulate in the body. But extra creatinine will be formed in the body of toxins, endanger human body health, so our hospital kidney disease experts summarizes seven natural therapy to reduce chronic kidney disease (CKD) high creatinine. We hope it can help you.

1.Avoid strenuous exercise.

Strenuous exercise results in faster metabolism of muscles in the body, resulting in more creatinine. You can do some aerobic exercises to strengthen your body and improve blood flow.

2.Reduce your meat intake.

Since creatinine is the final product of the metabolis m of meat in the body, reducing the intake of meat effectively reduces the formation of creatinine and lowers the body's hypercreatinine.

3.Low quality protein diet.

Another effective way to do this is to lower your protein intake. But since protein is essential for the maintenance of the body's daily activities, you can properly take in some low-quality protein diets, such as egg whites and milk.

4.Drink more water.

Drinking more water increases the amount of urine, promotes the excretion of toxins in the body, and lowers the body's hypercreatinine. But for the edema patient, must drink moderate water.

5.Limit your salt intake.

In patients with chronic kidney disease, creatinine increases, as well as other minor symptoms, such as high blood pressure and edema, that patients can maintain a low-salt or no-salt diet according to their own conditions.

6.Stop smoking and drinking.

Tobacco and alcohol poisoning mainly is the poison of kidney and blood vessels, intake, the more the more powerful of kidney and blood vessels will damage, with the passage of time may also lead to kidney and hardening of the arteries, causing more accumulation of creatinine in the body.

7.Maintain a good attitude.

A positive attitude is good for controlling the development of a disease. However, a negative and pessimistic attitude can aggravate the situation.

These are the seven natural remedies for reducing chronic kidney disease hypercreatinine. I hope you can make some corresponding changes in your daily life according to your condition. In addition, it is effective to treat kidney disease by microtreatment, immunotherapy and traditional Chinese medicine. If you are still struggling to find an effective cure, you can consult our online physician for free to know our treatment.


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