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What are the symptoms of high creatinine in the body ?

Health problems caused more and more people's attention, it must be well prepared. Many people who have not yet sick will certainly want to know what way in daily life can be far from the disease, to have a healthy body, in fact, very simple, then about symptoms of high creatinine in the body give you a detailed explanation, once found abnormal go to hospital for treatment in time, do not delay the best period of treatment.

symptoms of high creatinine in the body generally have the following:

Chronic renal insufficiency patients must first strengthen self-care, exercise, enhance disease resistance, timely treatment of upper respiratory tract infection, removal of infection, treatment of primary disease, diabetes, systemic lupus erythematosus, high blood pressure, but also to prevent drug pairs Kidney damage.

Second, to understand the body of high creatinine symptoms also need to observe some changes in the body: such as edema, high blood pressure, fever, fatigue, loss of appetite, anemia, and observe the changes in urine, urine volume, if there are more than discomfort, It should do blood, urine analysis, urine bacterial culture and counting, renal function determination, and even to do kidney biopsy and renal biopsy, etc., to clear the etiology of kidney disease, pathological changes and renal function to judge, For the treatment of kidney disease and provide a basis for prognosis.

Kidney disease treatment, mainly pided into general treatment and special treatment in the general treatment, should pay attention to rest, depending on the condition of  the disease according to the different types of disease to take the appropriate degree of diet control infection. The treatment of primary disease, adjust the water, electrolyte balance, enhance the body resistance to disease, etc. Special treatment, the same according to different types of kidney disease and take different treatment options.

The above is a detailed  description about symptoms of high creatinine in the body, in fact, although the disease is more common, but also can do a preventive disease, in general, if the patient in normal life, pay attention to physical exercise , Will be able to greatly enhance the ability of anti-infection, therefore, in this regard have enough attention. wish you healthy!


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