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Symptoms of high creatinine levels in kidneys

When the creatinine level is greater than the normal value, means that the kidneys may be damaged, there may be renal insufficiency, renal failure. What are the Symptoms of high creatinine levels in kidneys? Here we summarize the following will appear in the renal high creatinine levels of symptoms.

1, water metabolism disorders: including polyuria, nocturia increased, thirsty, mucosal dry, fatigue, etc .; or systemic edema, blood pressure, pulmonary edema and heart failure.

2, sodium metabolism disorders: high creatinine will appear hyponatremia or hypernatremia.

3, potassium metabolism disorders: high creatinine often accompanied by hyperkalemia or hypokalemia.

4, metabolic acidosis: high creatinine patients may have deep breathing and long, loss of appetite, abdominal pain and nausea, vomiting, weakness, headache, restlessness and even coma and other symptoms.

5, aluminum, magnesium, copper, zinc, selenium abnormalities and so on.

6, renal bone disease: bone pain and proximal muscle weakness; bone pain is often systemic, the following half of the body holding bone as heavy, skeletal deformity can cause short stature and other symptoms.

7, respiratory disease

8, circulatory system lesions

9, digestive system lesions

10, blood system diseases, such as renal anemia and so on.

11, neuromuscular disease and skin symptoms.

12, endocrine dysfunction; metabolic disorders, carbohydrate metabolism disorders, lipid metabolism disorders, protein and amino acid metabolism disorders, metabolic waste retention.

13, patients with high creatinine clinically there will be thyroid dysfunction, sexual dysfunction, growth retardation and other symptoms.

Above is the creatinine is greater than the normal value, there will be Symptoms of high creatinine levels in kidneys, the following is the corresponding level of creatinine will appear in the disease. Help you understand your current condition.

Blood creatinine network analysis of normal value:

Male: normal: 44-106umol / L

Female: 70-106umol / L

Creatinine 178 ~ 445: complete decompensation of renal function

Creatinine 451 ~ 707: renal failure

Creatinine 707 or more: uremic period

The above is about symptoms of high creatinine levels in kidneys, if there is any doubt, please consult our online doctor or leave us a message.


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