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What causes high creatinine levels?

Creatinine value higher than the normalis callded high creatinine, then, what causes high creatinine levels? Creatinine includes serum creatinine and creatinine, but serum creatinine is more meaningful in measuring renal function. So high creatinine refers to the high serum creatinine. In general, the standard of serum creatinine is 44-106μmol / L, but 59-106μmol / L according to the new international standard. When the serum creatinine exceeds 106μmol / L, it means that the kidney may be damaged and the renal insufficiency, Kidney failure. Here we summarize the following anout what causes high creatinine levels?

What causes high creatinine levels?

1, the body of dehydration, such as fever, sweating, reduced water, polyuria led to blood concentration, decreased renal blood flow, there will be increased creatinine.

2, life appears tired, rest is not good, life details do not pay attention, can also cause a certain range of serum creatinine increased.

3, abnormal urine, long-term hematuria, proteinuria, people will unknowingly appear to increase the phenomenon of creatinine.

4, patients with nephropathy in the case of unknown damage to the kidneys taking drugs, can occur creatinine, or even irreversible.

5, renal insufficiency, by infection (including colds, pneumonia, intestinal infections, urinary tract infections, etc.), will appear in the short term the phenomenon of creatinine increased.

6, hypertensive patients, blood pressure instability, there will be a high phenomenon of creatinine.

7, patients with kidney disease, due to recurrence of the disease, leading to increased creatinine.

Above is a detailed description of what causes high creatinine levels.If you want to learn more about what causes high creatinine levels, please leave us a message or consult our online doctor.


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