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“Creatinine normal renal function low” is it normal?

Kidney compensatory function is very strong, normal two kidneys as long as there is a kidney function, serum creatinine can be maintained at normal levels. In other words, the renal function must be reduced to a certain extent will cause clinical so-called "renal function" check serum creatinine increased. Therefore, serum creatinine does not reflect early, mild renal dysfunction.

Creatinine is produced by muscle metabolism, and its production is closely related to muscle metabolism and muscle mass. The body of the total amount of muscle in large, creatinine production is also large; muscle total small, creatinine production is relatively small.

Female muscle is less than men, so under normal circumstances, women's serum creatinine levels lower than men about 15%. With age, the body's total muscle gradually decreased, the absolute level of serum creatinine will decline. Under normal circumstances, after 40 years of serum creatinine levels decreased by about 1% per year, that is, the elderly serum creatinine normal value will be lower than the young people.

In addition, diabetes, cancer and other chronic diseases and relatively thin people, due to less muscle, blood creatinine reference value will be reduced. So, when you get the renal function test report, see their blood creatinine value, but also with their own gender, age and weight, calculate the glomerular filtration rate, in order to accurately understand their renal function.

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