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How to reduce creatinine levels in kidneys?

Now due to increase  pressure of life, diet is not pay attention, resulting in a lot of people have increased creatinine. Creatinine is generally high without symptoms, but if it continues to increase, it may damage the kidneys. So we should check every six months or a year , if there are unexplained indicators of abnormal, you can go to a doctor in time, the following are some knowledge about how to reduce creatinine levels in kidneys, for you to reference.

Reduce creatinine levels in kidneys generally need special attention in the diet, usually can not eat foods containing high protein, but can not eat at all, every day can be appropriate to eat an egg and fresh milk, usually try to eat some vegetable oil, you can eat more heat high food containing less protein content of food, such as lotus root starch, rock sugar, honey, etc., one day can not drink too much water, because it will increase the burden on the kidney, creatinine value is too high to eat low salt food ,cooking can be as little salt as possible.

How to reduce creatinine levels in kidneys
How to reduce creatinine levels in kidneys-diet

Reduce creatinine levels in kidneys you can also eat some traditional Chinese medicine conditioning, in particular, need to pay attention to the control of blood pressure, you can open the traditional Chinese medicine prescription, Liu Wei Di Huang Wan or other  kidney medicine. Usually need to eat to help the kidney diet, you can use wolfberry tea, and then eat ginseng, walnut and other food, usually still need to pay attention to strengthen the exercise, the appropriate increase in personal immunity helps restore kidney function.But also pay attention to rest, work and rest is the best way to pay attention to diet health just fine.

The above is about "How to reduce creatinine levels in kidneys" , hoping to give you help. Kidney creatinine may generally be due to improper diet and bad habits caused by everyone in their daily life to strengthen the exercise, improve immunity, to maintain a good mental state, can alleviate the effect of the disease.

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