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What are the causes of high creatinine in patients with kidn

Patients with kidney disease only know that high creatinine is a very serious symptom of kidney disease, but do not know why this happens. For high creatinine, we are very strange, but because of high creatinine, kidney damage will gradually serious. Let's talk about the cause of high creatinine level in patients with nephropathy.

1.Tiredness, bad rest and lack of detail in life can also cause a certain range of serum creatinine increase.

2. Urine abnormalities, long-term hematuria, proteinuria, people will unknowingly appear to increase the phenomenon of creatinine.

3. In vivo dehydration, such as fever, sweating, reduce the amount of water, polyuria led to blood concentration, decreased renal blood flow, there will be increased creatinine.

4. Nephrotic patients in the case of unknown damage to the kidneys taking drugs, can occur creatinine, or even irreversible.

5. Renal insufficiency of people, by infection (including colds, pneumonia, intestinal infections, urinary tract infections, etc.), will be an increase in creatinine in the short term.

causes of high creatinine level
causes of high creatinine level

6. Hypertension patients, blood pressure instability, there will be a high phenomenon of creatinine.

7. patients with kidney disease, due to recurrence of the disease, leading to increased creatinine.

This is an introduction to the causes of high creatinine level in kidney disease patients, and hope that will help you. Nephropathy patients must pay attention to diet and living habits, but also often detect physical indicators, once the unknown indicators of abnormal, must go to the hospital in time to avoid deterioration of the disease, affecting the treatment effect.

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