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Can creatinine more than 200 wait until after kidney failure

For blood creatinine, believe nephropathy patients are no stranger! Because serum creatinine levels are closely related to renal function, and once the serum creatinine level in patients with nephropathy exceeds 707 μ mol / L, it is considered uremia.

Can creatinine more than 200 wait until after kidney failure again dialysis?

For the treatment of nephropathy, attention should be paid to two conditions: one is that the serum creatinine is above 130 μ moI/L or less than 700 μ moI/L. The other is a 24-hour urinary protein ration of less than 1 gram. In the first case, although it is considered to be renal failure, there is no need for dialysis for the time being; In the second case, too, a large amount of urine protein is not present and hormones are not used immediately.

It's crucial to start treatment in the early stages of chronic kidney disease. When creatinine begins to rise, you have to deal with it scientifically. So, how do patients with kidney disease respond?

Understand the specific causes of elevated serum creatinine. There is no equalization between elevated serum creatinine and renal failure, meaning that although renal failure causes elevated serum creatinine, elevated serum creatinine is not entirely caused by renal failure.

Creatinine treatment. Pathological creatinine has been elevated, we do not wait for anything, in the Department of Kidney there are many ways to reduce creatinine. For example, the field of Chinese patent medicine in the field of Niaoduqing granules, Western medicine love C.R. Sitter. Some vasodilating drugs, such as ACEI drugs and some Chinese herbs which can promote qi and blood circulation, can reduce serum creatinine.

Optimistic treatment. In clinical practice often found that anxiety can lead to increased serum creatinine, therefore, we most maintain an optimistic attitude, this is very important. In addition, can not strenuous exercise. Because it speeds up muscle metabolism and makes the blood creatinine rise, but can walk, jog and so on.

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