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Serum creatinine is just beginning to rise. What should be d

Nephrotic patients know that elevated serum creatinine usually means a decline in renal function until creatinine rises above 707μmoI/L is commonly known as uremia. Found that serum creatinine has just begun to rise, nephropathy patients should do?

Serum creatinine is just beginning to rise. What should be done for patients with nephropathy?

In nephropathy treatment, there are two stages of embarrassment, one is 24 hours urine protein ration of less than 1 gram, the other is the blood creatinine above 130μmoI/L. No more than 700μmoI/L (diabetic nephropathy < 500μmoI/L).

Although the former is urine protein, but has not yet reached the level of hormone use; Although the latter is kidney failure, it has not yet reached the level at which dialysis can be used. Most doctors have an attitude towards these two phases: wait. Of course, waiting is not doing nothing, but still using some proprietary Chinese medicine. But overall, the effect is not satisfactory.

How should the blood creatinine rise just now?

Identify the cause of creatinine elevation. Renal failure causes elevated serum creatinine, but the increase in serum creatinine is not entirely due to renal failure. It is as if one of the markers of uremia is more than 707μmoI/L of creatinine. But more than 707μmoI/L of serum creatinine did not all enter uremia.

In fact, in addition to hemodialysis, there are still many ways to reduce blood creatinine, but the effect is not as good as hemodialysis. This Chinese patent medicine uses the function of invigorating spleen and supplementing qi to reduce blood creatinine by defecation, which is the same principle as colon dialysis (traditional Chinese medicine enema).

In Western medicine, medicalcharcoal is a more commonly used drug, the carbon tablets, mainly through their adsorption function to reduce serum creatinine. In addition, some drugs with vasodilator function. For example, ACEI drugs and some traditional Chinese medicines that can promote qi and blood circulation can restore kidney detoxification function to some extent and reduce creatinine by improving renal microcirculation.

Mental adjustment. Although not confirmed by experiments, anxiety has been found in many clinical practices to have a significant positive correlation with elevated levels of serum creatinine. In addition, it is important to note that. People with renal failure are advised not to exercise. Taking a walk is fine, but moderate exercise such as long distance jogging can cause a rise in creatinine, which is a product of muscle metabolism.

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