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How does urine protein, occult blood, creatinine produce? Nephropathy patients should know!

Urine protein+, occult blood+, high blood pressure, oliguria, nocturia, edema, high creatinine are several symptoms of common concern in patients with nephropathy. Many patients see the rise and fall of urine protein, occult blood, urea nitrogen, creatinine, etc. Mood and do a roller coaster like, close to the threshold on the incomparable worry, indicators on the decline of relief. Here is a description of these indicators symptoms are produced, good symptomatic treatment.

How does urine protein, occult blood, creatinine produce? Nephropathy patients should know!

Urine protein is mostly caused by renal tubular or glomerular injury. Usually, urine protein + appears in urine routine and the quantity of 24 hours urine protein is more than 0.15 g, the urine protein is considered to have urine protein.

Renal tubular injury, lack of reabsorption, protein leakage into urine. Glomerular filtration barrier damage, protein leakage, leak into urine. Kidney compression, urine protein, known as postural urine protein, more often seen in thin teenagers, If children appear in adulthood, they will disappear. If they appear repeatedly and have clinical manifestations such as hematuria, we should pay more attention to the problems of blood and blood pressure, which lead to abnormal filtration and reabsorption, and are more commonly seen in hypertensive nephropathy. Diabetic nephropathy. Functional proteinuria is caused by high fever, strenuous exercise, prolonged exposure to cold conditions, and heavy consumption of high-protein foods.

If the urinary protein caused by inflammation is treated with hormones first, and the effect is not good, it will be supplemented with immunosuppressants, such as cyclophosphamide. In the treatment of high kidney and sugar kidney, Proper use of Tripterygium wilfordii extract will also be used to treat damage to podocyte fusion.

Occult blood is a relatively common phenomenon. Some patients have no other symptoms, that is, they have occult blood for more than a decade. Occult blood is less harmful than urine protein, and there are many reasons for it. The causes of the disease can be roughly pided into four types: stones, Malignant tumor, urinary infection, nephritis.

At present, there is no especially effective treatment method. Simple urine occult blood is generally taking vitamin C, panax notoginseng powder to take treatment. If there is only one or two numbers of occult blood in urine, it is possible not to take treatment measures.

Blood creatinine is a product of muscle metabolism in humans and is mainly discharged from the body by glomerular filtration. If the glomeruli are damaged and the filtration capacity decreases, creatinine levels are high. The level of serum creatinine increases slightly. It is possible that renal function has been seriously reduced. Using serum creatinine, there may be errors in the development of nephropathy.

The process of treating nephropathy is a lasting process. Only by persisting in it can we win the dawn of victory. It is necessary for every nephrotic patient to persist in treatment, follow up regularly, prevent infection, control blood pressure, and so on.

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