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If creatinine exceeds the standard, but urine test result is

Many people will have such situation in physical examination, everything is normal in urinalysis, such as urinary protein, urinary creatinine are within the normal range, but creatinine level is found exceeded the normal value when test the kidneys.

If creatinine exceeds the standard, but urine test result is normal, is it kidney disease?

Most people know that creatinine and renal failure are closely related, as long as creatinine turns out to be abnormal, then there may not be far from renal failure. So many people asked: Is this high creatinine a sign of chronic renal failure?

In fact, there are many diagnostic criteria for chronic renal failure, not just look at creatinine can determine whether suffering from chronic renal failure, so we do not have to panic.

In general, many people use the examination as the main basis for judging their condition, but forget that there are some limitations in creatinine laboratory examination, that is, each person's creatinine level is not the same, kidney disease can’t be diagnosed just because creatinine level is higher than normal, need to combine other inspection for comprehensive decisions.

Elevated serum creatinine may be caused by kidney disease, but there is not much significance for the diagnosis only to check serum creatinine, but also need to check whether there is hypothyroidism, obstructive nephropathy, renal vascular disease.

Creatinine is a metabolite of high protein, that is, eat a lot of high protein foods, such as animal offal before the examination, it may cause transient creatinine increasing.

Therefore, it’s recommended that patients with normal urine tests but elevated creatinine level, you can eat green vegetables for a few days first, and then go to the hospital for a review.

In traditional Chinese medicine, raged impairing liver, overjoy impairing heart, terror impariring kidney, many patients in fact their conditions are not very serious, due to thinking it all day, feel alarmed, so that the condition is more and more serious.

Hope that the above introduction can be helpful for you. If you still need to know more about the kidney disease, you can consult our online experts, and our experts will reply to you as soon as possible.

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