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How level creatinine is serious? What does the treatment of current kidney failure still lack?

At present, the common criterion is the value of serum creatinine. Many patients already know that the increase of serum creatinine means the decline of renal function. However, there is no clear understanding of the severity of the elevation of serum creatinine.

How level creatinine is serious? What does the treatment of current kidney failure still lack?

For many people, since creatinine is more than 707μmoI/L to reach uremia and dialysis is required (people with diabetic nephropathy who have creatinine above 500μmoI/L generally need dialysis, many subconsciously pided the extent of creatinine elevation:

120-300: blood creatinine has just risen, it is early to dialysis, do not worry too much, or use the previous treatment program on the line of 300-500: blood creatinine has been quite high, to be treated carefully, while not yet dialysis, should be treated well, add the urine toxic Qing, Love C.R. Sitter and other drugs drop creatinine, some patients even began to use peritoneal dialysis or colon dialysis of 500-700: already this level, waiting for dialysis bar more than 700: dialysis. This idea is wrong! 

Creatinine is the product of muscle metabolism, is excreted by glomerular filtration. When kidney problems occur, creatinine fails to filter normally and is expelled from the body, which returns to the blood and causes a rise in serum creatinine.

Is it true that once the kidney is damaged, serum creatinine rises? No. Because the kidney has a powerful compensatory function, mild kidney damage does not cause elevated serum creatinine. Unless the kidney damage is more than 70%! In other words, a rise in creatinine, if only just above normal, means that only 1/3 of the kidney's function is left.

For the treatment of chronic renal failure, mainly aimed at controlling symptoms such as heart failure, hypertension, digestive system and so on, it is a true treatment for "syndrome." there is no way to treat the continuous decline of renal function and the continuous increase of creatinine and other substances. The default is to wait for dialysis.

At present, many hospitals and experts have come to a conclusion that the treatment of chronic renal failure should be more active.

Traditional Chinese medicine treatment can not recover the necrotic renal cells, but can enhance the vitality of the remaining renal cells and restore some renal function from the side, which can delay the decline of renal function and make the patients enter the uremic stage later.

To enhance the vitality of residual renal cells, we need to improve renal microcirculation through oral administration, smear, fumigation, moxibustion, soaking and other traditional Chinese medicine therapies. Solving the problem of ischemia and hypoxia in residual renal cells can enhance their vitality.

Therefore, in the course of treatment of chronic renal failure, we should not just "wait for" dialysis, but on the basis of western medicine to "syndrome" treatment, the addition of traditional Chinese medicine conditioning treatment, in order to truly delay the progress of the disease. To make the patient better living condition.

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