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How does the nephritis patient limit the diet?

Glomerulonephritis is a kidney disease susceptible in children, in order to prevent the occurrence of the disease, in our daily life, need to pay attention to the matter to strengthen the anti-to avoid the disease, then how should patients with nephritis limit the diet, the following our experts in the department of nephrology will tell you how to restrict the diet of patients with nephritis.

Excessive salt limitation: We know that salt is an essential ingredient in the human body, long-term do not eat salt can lead to electrolyte disorders, such as hyponatremia, etc, which is adverse to the body. In medical, serious "lack of salt" will also cause nervous system damage, and even cause death, especially in elderly patients, so that we can not blindly limit the salt. We should make a concrete analysis of the problem of salt consumption in nephritis patients, no matter what kind of nephritis, absolute avoiding salt is wrong. When the patient has obvious edema or increased blood pressure, should consider to reduce the intake of salt, so as not to increase water and sodium retention. But when the patient doesn’t have edema or high blood pressure clinically, the intake of salt is without additional restrictions.

Excessive exercise and immobility: excessive exercise or activity will aggravate physical fatigue, increase burden on kidneys, resulting in aggravation or recurrence of nephritis. In real life, we can often see that many patients with nephritis do not pay attention to habits in daily life, resulting in increased urinary protein after exercise or tired. Therefore, the activity of nephritis patients should be appropriately limited.

In addition, talk about "immobility" problem. In general, "immobility" is beneficial for nephritis patients, but also need to be fully measured. Blindly stressed bed rest, will make patients gradually lose their ability and fun, and even lead to the emergence of some complications, such as the formation of venous thrombosis. Reasonable principle should be: immobility is the foundation, including the rest of the body and psychological balance; move is auxiliary, appropriate physical and social activities should be selected according to the degree of nephritis. So, the patient's physical and mental balance, which is conducive to the treatment of nephritis and the recovery of the disease.

Add clothes inappropriately: patients with nephritis, the immunity of body decreased, defensive ability weakened, often lose of self-protection in the weather changes, leading to colds or throat inflammation, aggravated the condition. Therefore, with the weather and climate change, consciously adjust the clothing is very important. The weather is cold, too little clothing, it’s susceptible of colds; but too careful, too warm, so that the body is often in the state of micro-sweat, it easily lead to upper respiratory tract infection. A reasonable way is to add clothes if cold, reduced if hot. Do not be afraid of trouble, do not have the wrong idea of "wear a dense will be able to prevent the cold".

The above is the introduction of how does the nephritis patient limit the diet, it’s a worthwhile suggestion for nephritis patients who have too much protection for themselves, if you are still worried, do not understand how to make a reasonable nursed back to health, you can consult our online experts, our experts will give you the most professional reply according to your specific condition.

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