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Can nephritis patients eat crabs?

Can nephritis patients eat crabs? Crab has high nutritional value, not only rich in protein, calcium, phosphorus, iron and a variety of vitamins are relatively high. Tender meat, delicious taste. And eat crab, also can add Ginger and vinegar, which can help digestion, but also help sterilization. Therefore, fresh and delicious crab has become the food of many people on the table, but delicious crabs are not edible for everyone, such as patients with severe nephritis should be fast or less food. Why is that?

Kidney diet has many taboos, need to pay attention to many. One of them is to limit protein intake, crab protein content is high, but also unfit for eating kidney disease reasons. Eating too much can cause kidney metabolic burden and even lead to proteinuria, which can cause further damage.

Chinese medicine of Daliang, crab, is a disease induced by gas "objects", nephritis patients should not eat. Once eating crabs, not only can cause indigestion, but also may cause inflammation in the body, aggravating the original condition.

Nephritis itself will cause damage to the blood vessel, if not pay attention to diet in patients with nephropathy, for a long time, these patients are easy to suffer from cardiovascular complications, such as high blood lipids, hypertension, atherosclerosis, coronary heart disease, these diseases will aggravate the primary conditions, resulting in a vicious cycle, health hazard.

Experts emphasize that the purpose of dietary therapy for nephritis is to reduce the burden on the kidneys and eliminate or alleviate the clinical symptoms. If a large number of protein intake, it will aggravate the kidney disease, treatment to increase the difficulty. Therefore, nephritis patients must eat less, or even eat crabs. If you want to know more about nephritis treatment and diet, you can contact our online experts, and our experts will give the most professional guidance according to the patient's actual condition.

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