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what is chronic kidney disease(CKD)?

what is chronic kidney disease? Chronic kidney disease(CKD) basic definition: kidney structre and dysfuncion (kidney damage more than 3 months) caused by various reasons,including normal and abnormal pathological damage of kidney GFR, abnormal blood or urine composition, and abnormal imaging, or unexplained GFR decline (<60ml / min 1.73m2) more than 3 months, that is CKD.

What is the cause of chronic kidney disease? Chronic kidney disease caused by a variety of primary, secondary glomerulonephritis, renal tubular injury and renal vascular lesions.

According to GFR can be pided into five cases of chronic kidney disease, early detection and early intervention can significantly reduce the complications of CKD patients, significantly improve the survival rate, for the CKD of the kidney disease is pided into five stages. Treatment, including the treatment of primary disease, the treatment of various risk factors and delay the progress of chronic renal insufficiency, when CKD patients progress to 5, should be timely renal replacement therapy.


period description GFR[ml/(min·1.73m2 notes
1 Kidney damage figure(+),GFRnormal >90 GFR normal,foues onprimary disease treatment
2 Kidney damage figure(+)GFR slightly decreased 60〜89 Slow down the progress of CKD, reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease
3 GFR moderate decreased 30〜59 Slow the progress of CKD, assess the treatment of complications
4 GFR heavily decreased 15〜29 Comprehensive treatment, treatment of complications
5 Kidney failure <15 or dialysis Preparation before dialysis and dialysis treatment

The above is the knowledge of kidney disease, if there are any questions, please leave us a message.


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