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What are the notes for diabetic nephropathy diet?

Diabetic nephropathy is usually caused by diabetes mellitus, usually due to incomplete treatment, or diet and treatment of conflict. Diabetes patients in daily life must pay attention to diet or living habits caused by abnormal indicators, early detection, early treatment. Here are some notes for diabetic nephropathy diet, which can be used as a reference.

1), eat less food and eat more times, so that it can meet the supply of heat and nutrition, but also avoid the postprandial peak blood sugar.

2), eating desserts and salty can lead to elevated blood sugar.

3), carbohydrate food according to the provisions of eating, can't eat less, also cannot eat more. Eat evenly (carbohydrates: food, vegetables, milk, eggs, soy products, hard fruit foods)

4), eat "diabetes food" and ordinary food quantity should equal. Because "diabetes food" is made of high dietary fiber, such as buckwheat, oats and other food absorption time is longer, but it will become glucose.

5), the so-called "sugar free food" refers to the food without sucrose. Certain foods use sweeteners instead of sucrose and still can't eat much.

6), starch as the main component of vegetables should be included in the staple food. These vegetables are potatoes, sweet potato, lily.

7), eat more food containing dietary fiber, eat less salt.

8), eat less cholesterol containing food.

diabetic nephropathy diet
diabetic nephropathy diet

9), eat low sugar fruits: apples, pears, oranges, oranges, strawberries and so on.

The above is about the diabetic nephropathy diet notes, and I hope to help you. Patients with diabetic nephropathy can also consult the attending doctor about diet in the course of treatment, so as to avoid improper diet and have a bad effect on treatment.


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