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How does diet to lower high creatinine?

Creatinine is too high, there are many hazards to the human body, and if the value is high, the impact on the human kidney is also very large. Only high creatinine, no renal injury, will use drugs or diet control, the effect of drug treatment alone is not good, need some diet therapy, The following to introduce how does diet to lower high creatinine.

Should control the intake of salt, low salt or salt free diet. Should control protein intake, the use of high-quality high-quality protein diet. Choose foods that are rich in vitamin A, vitamin B2 and vitamin C. Eat more vegetables and fruits. Control blood pressure, blood sugar, blood lipid, and combine traditional Chinese medicine enema and traditional Chinese medicine fumigation to delay the progress of renal failure!

Eat less meat, animal offal, do not eat spicy and cold food, do not eat fruit and mango, pay attention to work and rest, appropriate to do some aerobic exercise, regular review.

Patients should eat some light in the usual diet, avoid smoke, wine, spicy food of food, eat less fat and animal protein containing many meat food, also should eat less some pickled food.

When the blood creatinine rises, it indicates that the kidneys have been seriously damaged, and that the long-term rise in serum creatinine will not continue, and that all other organs except the kidneys will be damaged. But this time, if you eat more of these foods, will lead to acid-base balance in patients with high serum creatinine imbalance, the serum creatinine in patients with high serum creatinine rise cycle, for the treatment of high serum creatinine in patients with a great deal of trouble.

In general, patients with blood creatinine should eat low sodium, low phosphorus, low potassium, low fat, high quality, low protein, high vitamin foods, try to avoid high potassium foods and high moisture foods. Of course, in order to fundamentally reduce blood creatinine, patients should choose an effective treatment is the most important.

The above is about how does diet to lower high creatinine, hoping to help you. For the normal value of creatinine, each hospital standards are different, if the medical examination found abnormal, must promptly consult the doctor. In daily life, scientific and rational diet, proper exercise, to enhance their own immunity, there are still many benefits.

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