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Which foods are good for blood?

Blood is as important to human beings as water is to nature. It determines the length of life and the speed of aging. And in real life there are some foods that can help the body wash the blood and eat it once to make your blood young one time.

Which foods are good for blood?

The importance of blood to the human body

Keeping fit is the pursuit of modern people, because it can not only achieve the role of disease prevention, but also to some extent, can extend the life of people. But many people believe that the key to health is to protect the body of an organ, but ignore the root cause of the disease from the blood.

The importance of blood can be imagined, if the blood decreases, the human body will be as a result of ischemia and life-threatening. Or, because of the influence of external factors, such as always stay up late, overeating and other bad habits, easy to make blood dirty, sticky, become toxic, then human health will certainly be threatened. Therefore, the quality of the blood will directly affect the health of the body, simply speaking, the body's aging, life expectancy has a direct relationship with the quality of blood.

Eat blood transfusions good for the body

Since you know the importance of blood on human health, what other ways you can make blood quality better than changing your lifestyle? In fact, you can also use the diet. But which foods help the blood?

Carrot - the softener of blood vessels

Carrot containing kaempferol, quercetin, etc., in order to reduce blood pressure and increase coronary blood flow; it contains potassium salts, helps to improve the hardening of the arteries. The company is located in:

Oatmeal - Blood slimming agent

Oats can not only lose weight for fat, but also lose weight for blood. Oat contains water-soluble dietary fiber, saponins, 8 kinds of essential amino acids, magnesium, phenolic acids and so on, these substances can reduce blood sugar, cholesterol, weight loss, antioxidant, and maintain blood health.

Eggplant - Vascular patch

Eggplant contains vitamin P, vitamin C, soap glucoside, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and other substances, in which vitamin P can enhance the elasticity of blood vessels, reduce brittleness, permeability, prevent vascular rupture and bleeding. Other substances can lower cholesterol and prevent thrombosis.

In addition to these foods, there are usually kiwifruit, cabbage, propolis, ginseng, kelp, fungus and other foods beneficial to blood health.

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