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Does chronic kidney disease patients strictly control their

Whether or not to control the diet depends on the patient's condition. If the patient's renal function is normal, there is no obvious symptoms, then only the control of salt can be, other diet need not control, of course, do not drink binge eating. If the patient urinate normal, no urine, so how much water daily drink does not need to limit, thirsty should drink, and of course, do not drink too much. But if the patient has edema, the decrease of urine, or one of the three cases of heart failure, water should be limited properly.

Does chronic kidney disease patients strictly control their diet?

Patients with kidney disease must strictly limit salt and take a low salt diet for no more than 6 grams per day. In the northerners, the salt intake is high, and the daily salt intake is 10 grams, 12 grams or even 20 grams. I suggest that the salt is less than half of the salt, no monosodium glutamate in the stir fry, the food is quickly cooked and then put salt, usually do not eat salted vegetables, which are more practical methods of salt restriction.

The kidney patients with normal kidney function do not need to limit protein intake, but do not eat too much and do not overeat. If the creatinine clearance rate of less than 50ml/min, or chronic kidney disease in three of the patients, low protein diet, the daily intake of high quality protein supplement protein, such as animal protein, meat, egg, milk and milk products refers to the animal, amount to less than less than 0.6 g / kg bw / day, the proportion of more than 60%.

Can kidney patients eat soy products? This is a question that many people ask. If there is no hyperuricemia can eat bean products, because soy protein is high quality protein; but if so to limit the hyperuricemia, bean products, but can eat tofu, tofu processing in nucleic acid components of its destruction, will not increase too much purine load.


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