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Nephrotic syndrome patient who is 8 with urinary protein 4+, find hope here

"Mom, I'm not so fat!" A young voice broke the doctor and the mother......
This is a child of 8 years old. Kidney disease has been for several years, in the local hormone treatment has been used, but the condition is not much improvement, edema, urine protein does not fall. Now the child is 8 years old, the mother in order to be able to let the children and other children to go to school, in the introduction of friends from Gansu came to our hospital, want to try Chinese medicine......
Check the small rock height 130cm, weight reached 38.9kg, it is clear that he can be very swollen, urine protein 4+, 24 hours urine protein quantitation reached 13.87g. Not only that, small rock urine volume is only 350ml.
Judging from the results of the examination, his condition is very serious, not only intractable edema and a large number of proteinuria, and his renal function was seriously injured.
Can cause a lot of proteinuria, mainly because the body is a large accumulation of toxins, causing toxins into the blood, damage the cell membrane and the nucleus and various organelles, the ability of the cell synthesis and protein secretion reduced ability to secrete a lot of abnormal protein, these abnormal proteins and toxins in the body will be accumulation in the basement membrane, and congenital weakness or defect will make kidney function and structure of kidney damage, will cause inflammation or loss of organ function of kidney.
For the treatment of nephrotic syndrome, and no treatment in western medicine in a good way what is the use of hormone therapy, but only temporary control of hormone protein leakage, and not up to repair the damaged kidneys from nature, as long as the stop or reduce the hormone hormone, proteinuria will still exist, but also encountered a cold, easy infection recurrence and side effects, such as moon face, hairy etc..
After understanding the cause, the rest of the treatment. The characteristics of therapy in our hospital detoxification therapy ", the treatment is mainly use the application of traditional Chinese medicine in our hospital, the body of toxins through the urine and sweat glands removed from the body, and the use of traditional Chinese medicine of the basement membrane repair damaged, remove deposited on the basal membrane of the toxin, create good self-healing and medication environment for kidney healing.
After a period of time after the treatment of traditional Chinese medicine, the small rock urine volume gradually increased, the body of toxins excreted in vitro. Not only that, small rock edema disappeared, weight loss of 12 pounds.
With the edema disappeared, urine volume rose gradually, it is very effective for the treatment of traditional Chinese medicine in Little Rock, the rest is closely adhere to treatment, with medical treatment, follow the doctor's arrangement, in strict accordance with the prescribed medication.

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