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When opened your eyes, you are the most beautiful spirit

At that time, she came to the time, but also small, but also a swollen body, is a typical nephrotic syndrome. Every time I see her in the arms of her mother, and no one to talk to, because of the torture of the disease took away this should belong to her childhood, but now only in bed.
We have seen before there is nothing wrong with her photos, very cute, very beautiful, like the flowers of the elves, but since his illness, everything changed, every laughter was crying to drown, no laughter, only crying tired after quiet.
During treatment, Xiaoya particularly sensible, both doctors and nurses arranged for her treatment of traditional Chinese medicine how, even let her drink black, she is also very fit. By foot massage, moxibustion, double kidney topical and oral Chinese medicine, both inside and outside, the body of toxins from the body, through the clean inside and outside the cell toxin, not only for the recovery of renal function to create a live training environment, and give a good foundation for treatment.
After a period of treatment, Xiaoya had great changes, in the condition of slightly better learn to feed himself, and every day is no longer crying, nature also slowly emerged.
With in-depth treatment, recovery faster xiaoya. Can be said that one day a kind of beautiful big eyes, rosy face, no matter who saw her want to pinch her, just too cute. With the recovery of the body, she is not only a day spent in the mother's arms, but in the ward run to the ward, everywhere is full of charming laughter xiaoya. When the weather is warm, mother also went to the park with xiaoya.
The lesser appetite is getting better and better, can eat a lot of food every day, not to eat the crying of hunger, mother initially thought and ill! After checking everything is normal, just eat it. Well, there's one more nickname".
The days of the past, the lesser body has returned to normal, but the mother did not feel relieved, just stay for a period of observation, in fact, we all know, the lesser the recovery of the disease is particularly good. Now this weird snack is going to the hospital, you don't give up and don't give up only......
Along with the time, lesser than before has grown a lot, but also long fat (eating too much) but still is so cute! I hope in the future development road of Xiaoya happy forever......

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