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I quitted dialysis 1 year ago and everything is ok from then on

From Hubei, 36 year old Ms. Zheng third times to the hospital visit, the first time to come to our hospital from 2015 to start.
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In 2015, when she discovered that she had kidney disease, creatinine was 651.9, and dialysis was started at a local hospital. After 20 days of treatment, the creatinine dropped, but it was still not urine, and the swelling was severe. Finally, through the uncle's introduction to the Beijing tongshantang Hospital of traditional Chinese Medicine .
First, because the swollen, afraid to do for a long time the train is dangerous, is under the help of the relatives, car, after a series of examinations, after they were diagnosed in our hospital with traditional Chinese medicine "detoxification therapy.
After treatment, the symptoms not only improved, but also decreased creatinine, and even get rid of dialysis. After returning home, Ms. Zheng doctor bursts will call her about his illness.
Modern discourse
Just after the Spring Festival, Ms. Zheng came to our hospital, this time is to review. The creatinine was 62 mol/L, and the urine protein was decreased to 0.17g at 24 hours.
In the exchange and Ms. Zheng, she can feel through her speech, her trust in our hospital doctors and nurses, in addition to the face to eat hormones or a little fat, there is no difference between the other and normal people. Of course, she can get such a good treatment, but also because of the support of relatives and friends, let her step by step to the present.
Therefore, in patients with kidney disease to find a good treatment, we must adhere to treatment, for a one-time cure. In the course of treatment, it is especially important to closely cooperate with the doctor's treatment, follow the doctor's arrangement, in strict accordance with the prescribed medication, and timely referral, timely review. But also to strengthen the treatment of confidence, and mobilize their families to support treatment to alleviate the psychological pressure of patients.

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