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When is the end of the 27 years of nephritis?

All know that the first night to drink plenty of water, second days to get up early may appear swollen eyes. But have you ever heard of a swollen eye? Wang encountered such a wonderful thing.
27 years ago, Mr. Wang appeared after a cold swollen eyes symptoms, parents were surprised to take him to the hospital for a check. The doctor said he had "acute glomerulonephritis", when the protein has been checked 3+, lost a month of liquid eye is not swollen, the protein also dropped to 1+. It will settle a matter by leaving it unsettled.
After a lapse of two years, after a cold and edema and leakage of protein. This time he was diagnosed as "chronic glomerulonephritis", the doctor gave Chinese medicine treatment, his protein to weak positive.
The next few years, often encountered a cold, Mr. Wang will appear edema symptoms, check the protein is always high and low, Mr. Wang really no way no longer adhere to treatment.
The recent increase in this year's August, a high degree of edema so that Mr. Wang can no longer endure, in the local treatment for half a month, edema disappeared, but the protein is still high.
For further treatment, Mr. Wang came to Shijiazhuang.
On the second day, his protein was 2+.
Doctors take into account Mr. Wang for a long time, and there is no renal damage, decided to start with the addition of high-quality protein, drink milk every day to eat egg white to supplement the missing protein.
Then he set up a special program to help restore their condition.
Through the combination of oral medicine fumigation and umbilical therapy, Mr. Wang felt a sense of fatigue reduced, urine also discharged a lot of immune complexes.
11 days later, Mr. Wang not only edema disappeared, the protein also turned negative.
Protein down, Mr. Wang to stay in the hospital for a few days, the condition has been stable, which can be assured.
In fact, the recurrence of nephritis is due to Mr. Wang did not find the root cause of the disease, but blindly eliminate symptoms. The primary and secondary immune response of nephritis is the deposition of immune complexes in the kidney, and it is possible to solve the problem only if the immune complexes are removed.

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