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Holding up urine may cause kidney disease

Laocai is a truck driver, every day on the highway can clear the benz. Can speak about his sad thing laocai, I don't think so!
Driving a car will encounter this problem: bieniao. Every time he would like to go to the toilet will always think of the ban will be on, and then continue to increase the throttle, the more he is the more afraid to drink water. As everyone knows, a long time out of the question......
Very easy to cause long-term damage to the bladder, urine retention in the bladder long time but also vulnerable to bacterial reproduction, once the return back to the ureter and kidney, the toxic substances can cause kidney infections. A few years old suffering from nephrotic syndrome.
At first he didn't take it seriously. The doctor prescribed some medicine. He didn't have a leg for a few days. Not a few days, legs and swollen, but also the emergence of proteinuria. Laocai still feel nothing, will endure past!
And a few days after delivery, edema again, action has some difficulty, laocai couldn't. Hospitalization decision. But for several hospitals, Leng did not control the disease. This condition is the delay in the course of contacts.
When laocai came to Shijiazhuang, the protein has to 2+.
After treatment, the old Cai Niaoli gradually discharged some immune complexes, he feels a lot easier.
Eight days later, his protein turned negative.
See remission laocai Heart Stone finally landing! After a few days of hospitalization, the condition was stable.
Laocai jokingly said: "I go home or change jobs! This urine can't hold on anymore......"

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