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The Mid Autumn Festival in hospital

On the day of the Mid Autumn Festival, I went to see a 70 year old aunt with a small nurse. My aunt saw so many people come to see her.
"Auntie, I sent you a mid autumn festival gift. How are you today? No discomfort?" Asked the little nurse.
"Thank you for coming to see me, all right. Come on, sit down here." High aunt said the side of the United States took care of a small gift.
How high aunt in the hospital Mid Autumn Festival? Story from six months ago......
If you well
High aunt Bazhou, suffering from hypertension and diabetes for many years, has been All is well. After all, however, older, six months ago, an unexplained edema of the high aunt into the ranks of patients with kidney disease.
At that time, the doctor gave her a "gold water treasure" let go home, eat a few days, the condition is not only no improvement, but more serious. So uncle and aunt went to Beijing for treatment, then Aunt edema is gone, the protein leakage is also less, but after a few days to go home but the disease has repeatedly.
Uncle aunt can not see such suffering, wanted to let the aunt have a good point, they ask around to find a hospital can treat this disease fundamentally.
Sunny day
Uncle from the hospital in a hospital in Shijiazhuang that the treatment effect is OK, will contact the hospital doctor Peng Guangdao for advice, he carefully understand after a treatment was approved by the hospital, he decided to come to Shijiazhuang. The doctor learned that her aunt was seriously ill, in advance for him to make an appointment with the doctor's consultation, so that the doctor can get better treatment.
The next few days, Dr. Peng often go to the ward to the aunt to speak ill, so that she slowly changed the wrong sense of treatment.
High aunt chatting with me, said she felt these days: "I now drink a bag of milk, eat two egg white, for me this is to fill up my protein; physical therapy effect is also very good, from the inside urine complexes by a layer of these toxins out. I, this body will not be swollen, but now they are willing to eat!"
The change of the body is so big, what is the result of the test?
Nearly half a month's time, high aunt 24 hours urine protein quantitation from 1.96g down to 0.87g.
It seems that not only the physical changes in the aunt, laboratory results have also been significantly improved. This let uncle aunt reassured.

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