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The 65 year old is like a statue of Maitreya Buddha

Uncle Zhang young and handsome one, when in the group work, also have a lot of girls love and his partner work, chat freely, just to the middle-aged people, more plump. Especially when the 65 year old birthday, we see that he potbellied image, directly gave him a nickname as "Maitreya buddha".
Uncle Zhang heard this name, he expressed dissatisfaction with others explained that this is their own sick, not eating and drinking out of fat! Relatives and friends in the noisy laugh, he began to tell Uncle thing for all those years.
About 3 years ago, Zhang uncle felt his body is not as good as before, I thought it was, all of the people of the age of more than and 60, of course, can not catch up with the previous young. But he seemed to feel as if always wake up in the morning eye swollen, swollen face, swollen legs and feet in the evening twilight. In addition to this edema, the other did not seem to have any uncomfortable feeling, so he did not take seriously.
Uncle did not find his illness, but his son observed his abnormal. My father used to be full of energy, but lately he's getting more and more nervous. Eat less now than before but the "fat" It is without rhyme or reason., later found that the father is not fat, but edema, finger on the leg of a press of a pit.
Without hesitation, Zhang uncle's son took him to the hospital on the same day, the inspection results were nephrotic syndrome, but did this thing Uncle Zhang put in the mind, old people feel sick is normal, took the medicine prescribed by the doctor and his son home together.
Who knows, this medicine had to eat for 3 years, the middle of a stop drug will appear repeated protein, edema serious situation. Although the hormones to control the disease, but the amount has been increasing, the body is also because the drug becomes fat up.
The story is over, everyone knows, Zhang uncle was sick, very sick, but has not found a cure.
At the end of August, just after the age of 65 year old Uncle Zhang edema is more and more serious, the bubbles in the urine is also increasing, and vomiting, dizziness symptoms, hormone drugs in the hospital to open or use, according to Zhang said: "how is afflictive how to torture me!"
In the group's introduction, Zhang uncle came to Shijiazhuang, to the hospital for a check, 3+ urine protein, urine protein in 24 hours up to 4.65g. Here, no hormones, he began the treatment of Chinese medicine.
The treatment of traditional Chinese medicine and his imagination are not the same, in addition to drink "sour soup", and fumigation, foot bath, bath, external application, there are some who do not call on the name of therapy, in short, no hormones, this is really let him open the eyes.
After a few days of treatment, edema subsided, the next week, Zhang uncle found that urine protein down, 24 hours urine protein quantitative also played a discount, turned into a 2.74g ah.
In fact, he is not the most happy this morning, but the doctor saw his urine after saying, "drugs play a role in the discharge from the urine toxins can be seen, insist on treating proteinuria should disappear, so I'm afraid you and hormone fate is going to end, oh......"

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