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A foreign teacher patient gave a meaningful lecture on the Teachers’ Day

"Very accidental! The teacher's day this year will be very dull, but received flowers and gifts, as well as the blessing sent by students in moscow." In the Shijiazhuang kidney hospital, said excitedly and video exchange student of Leah suddenly received a bouquet of flowers, did not think the doctors here will celebrate Teachers' day.
The 55 year old Delia is a middle school teacher in charge of the outskirts of Moscow, two subjects of mathematics and physics teaching. After the age of more than and 20, he began to teach, many parents of students in the town are my students, has been with the children together, not so much time for a long time to leave the town." Dalia said that this is the family repeatedly urged the decision to sit more than eight hours of aircraft to China to accept Chinese medicine treatment.
"A smiling boy is Victor, love the guitar; the girl with long hair is Bella, particularly quiet love painting; beside the grimace of the boy is very naughty Radha, but learning is very good......" Delia receive flowers and gifts of surprise at the same time, also took out a mobile phone to share 10 days before the opening ceremony of students send her photos and videos, and smiling in the picture pointing to one student said.
Delia said: "in order to let me see every one of them, 7-11 grade children in grade size queuing took this photo, every day will open the mobile phone to see again, feel also attended the opening ceremony."
"In addition to teaching, I am also responsible for 7-11 grade student management work, like Chinese school class teacher positions." Delia said jokingly, but a person with 5 grade, the teacher should than high positions, but also to the 5 grade students to teach mathematics and physics, "are very busy every day, has not been able to find a cure chance, until ten days ago and cold aggravate the disease."
September 1st is Russia's school days, evening evening rounds International Department Director Liu Pan to the hospital found that Leah mood is not high, but also hide in the toilet secretly tears, after understanding that Delia is because they can not participate in the school's opening ceremony, and students can celebrate together and cry. "Delia teaching for 30 years and never once missed the opening ceremony, so sad, comfort after, we decided to give her a surprise in the China teacher's day." Liu Pan, director of introduction.
Then, in order to make convenient and Delia substitute teacher and student exchange, the Institute for Leah specifically created the video network platform, can let the situation in a timely manner that Delia students. Every time the students and the video, I will forget to tell them to study hard, waiting for me to go back to check the work." Dalia said.
Delia share after the photo is also displayed in the best of spirits she received messages are sent to the parents of the students, bless their speedy recovery. "The mail man named Ilya, is 32 years old this year, he is my student, although his children not in our school, but his annual day of school and the teachers' day will give me send blessings."
"This year is an unforgettable year for me, and I will be able to have another teacher's day after returning home, because the Russian teachers' Day is the first Sunday in October." Dalia said, before the teachers' day, the students will send me their homemade small gifts or performances, although this year there are not students, but received a doctor to send flowers and gifts are very happy, this Chinese teacher's Day is very meaningful.
When he learned that a few days later Chinese is the traditional Mid Autumn Festival, Delia was planning a day with the students video connection, let them thousands of miles away in the classroom, listening to their share Chinese traditional festival culture and experience. I'm looking forward to the arrival of the Mid Autumn Festival, can students to open a meaningful forum." Dalia said that this will be the most meaningful lesson she taught more than 30 years, but also the wishes of her Chinese teachers' day.

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