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The mother dream of a 41-year-old urea

It is very difficult to conceive a baby at 41, and a patient with a kidney transplant for 18 years. But with their hard work, the unhappy woman has now fulfilled her dream of motherhood.

Wang yanhua, a 41-year-old hangzhou man, suffered from uremia in 1993 and was treated for four years of peritoneal dialysis. In 1997, wang had a kidney transplant locally. But in 2007, she had a kidney necrosis and had been living on dialysis. Last December, she accidentally became pregnant. It was dangerous to be pregnant with her body, but she wanted to be a mother and she decided to do her best to bring the baby down.

But because of the complexity, many hospitals refused to accept wang's production. Finally, she found her hospital in mid-march.

After multiple consultations, the experts in the hospital are tricky. Because pregnant woman is uremia patient, can't be excreted normally, can say the fetus is in "poisonous water" bubble big, the situation is very bad. Uremia causes the amniotic fluid to last too much and is often forced to undergo amniotic fluid to relieve abdominal pressure, but repeated puncture can lead to infection and premature birth. Also, pregnant women use low molecular heparin for a long period of time, which can lead to postpartum bleeding. Pregnant women have undergone abdominal surgery and four years of peritoneal dialysis, and the abdominal adhesion can be severe, making it difficult to perform a caesarean operation.

After several multi-disciplinary consultations, the vice President also brought the information to the national conference on obstetrics and gynecology, and discussed the treatment plan with top experts in the country. Experts agree that it is safer to have caesarean section at around 32 weeks.

On April 28, wang received a caesarean section. The operation was very smooth, although it was only eight months in the mother's stomach, but xiao bao was 3 jin and 5 pounds. Wang's physical condition was also stable after surgery. But because she is a uremia, she still needs dialysis every day.

Although mothers yan-hue wang success, but still remind you, uremia is pregnancy contraindication, uremia patients with pregnancy will bring mother and the fetus will be very dangerous. Although higher levels of medical technology can reduce risk to a certain extent, it still does not encourage children with uremia to conceive and have children.

The mother dream of a 41-year-old urea

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