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How to do if renal cyst patients get blood urine

  Renal cyst is a common seen abnormal structure on kidney and it always seen on adult. Sometimes it occur on one kidney and sometimes two;sometimes one cyst and sometimes several or more. Generally speaking,the diameter of it is around 2cm,sometimes it may reach to 10cm. Men are more easy to get renal cyst than women. As the growing of their age,the morbidity of renal cyst become higher and higher. If only get renal cyst,there is no obvious symptom;only when the cysts oppress kidney and give rise to vessel occlusion or urinary tract infarction,some symptoms may occur and renal function may be influenced. When the cyst is bigger than 5cm,patients should receive treatment.

  Among various types of renal cyst,the most common seen are simple renal cyst and genetic renal cyst only accounts for a small proportion. people who are younger than 20 years old are seldom get simple renal cyst;if get,they should pay more attention on their kidney if they have congenital malformation on their kidney or if they get genetic renal cyst. As the growing of them,the morbidity of renal cyst become higher and higher. Renal cyst morbidity of those who are thirty to forty years old are about ten percentage. When they reach eighty years old,it may be as high as fifty percentage. Simple renal cyst are always occur on male.

  People who have get renal cyst may have blood urine if they have trauma on their abdomen or if their inter-abdominal pressure rise(severe coughing and so on). Half of them may have microscopic hematuria. Paroxysmal gross hematuria are always caused by fracture of blood vessel. If the bleeding is severe,blood clot may block in urinary tract and cause extremely pain. There are always white cell and proteinuria in the blood urine. If the kidney is infected,pyuria and blood urine may be more serious. Patients may feel pain on their waist and get a fever.

  If get blood urine,there need not be panic. The best way is go to hospital to see a doctor and observe the illness state. Expert for treatment,patients should reduce activity or stay in bed to have a good rest.

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