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China's ancient "anger hurt the liver, hi sad, thinking injured spleen, sad lung, fear of injury to the kidney," said. The five is the performance of traditional Chinese medicine of five kinds of anger and sorrow fear mental and emotional activities, seven emotions is anger and Sorrow Sad panic changes in the spirit of the seven emotions, belong to reflect people's psychological state. Because of the physiological and social factors, generally people have shown certain emotional activities, as long as these emotional activities in the normal physiological range, has no effect on human health.

The "dirty" Lingshu said: "the idea and spirit, is designed, the soul does not come loose, not regrets anger, not be five." Here said the idea and means of normal people, emotional changes, emotional changes that are physiological, non destructive to human health. But if the emotional changes over excesses, long-term imbalance, it is subject to changing moods, emotional activity by physiological and pathogenic factors. "Q be as big of yin and Yang" said: "the fury of Yin, violence HI injury Yang Jue Qi Shangni, full to the pulse shape, and not in the day, too, is not solid." "Diseases before Lingshu health chapter" said: "the smile Festival, will hurt the dirty." The above discussion is that the emotional changes and arrhythmia caused by excessive excesses, qualitative change, from the emotional activities of reason, the pathogenic factors, leading to a variety of diseases.

For example, you have a bad body (such as kidney) you will not be in a good mood or your bad mood will directly affect your attitude towards the surrounding and then the subconscious will let your body affect the operation. For example, you do not have any disease, but you are in a bad mood, you always think that they have, slowly you do not have, and this is the subconscious problem.

The mood of kidney is not directly related to the above joint there, such as your temperament is very bad, very bad, then you on everything very uncomfortable, but this is not interested in the impact of your kidney operation.
Caution is careful and prudent, that is, external things or their own words and deeds to pay close attention to avoid adverse or unfortunate things. Prudence is the firstborn of wisdom, the root of progress, and the foundation of harmony. A deliberate action is better than a hundred hasty actions. Prudence is a part of the brave, half is to deal with the wisdom of the prudent man to meet. So when life should be cautious and should be "kidney" act.

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