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Daily life of renal cyst

In daily life, the diet is inseparable from the health of the human body, bad eating habits can form a variety of disease, and the attack of cystic kidney disease is one of them. In the daily life, patients with renal cysts have most of the needs to be noticed in their diet. Following is the following analysis of the diet of patients with renal cyst: 

The food is unclean, the light person is easy to cause stomach and intestines disease, the heavy person attack is poisoned even endanger life. If you are hungry, you will lack nutrition. The digestive, absorbing function of the spleen and stomach and the circulation of the spleen and stomach; The taste of fat and fat is easy to turn into internal heat. Dietary preference, if the food is cold and cold, it is easy to hurt the spleen and stomach Yang qi, and the hot and hot food can make the stomach and intestines of the heat, the five taste of the addiction, the long time can hurt the internal organs. 

The effects of these diets on the human body are obvious. They also directly or indirectly affect the change of cystic disease. In the case of cyst disease, we especially emphasize the following aspects: 

Spicy stimuli: such as chilli, alcohol, smoking (including passive smoking), chocolate, coffee, sea fish, shrimp, crab, etc. Salty foods, especially marinade; Contaminated foods such as unhygienic food, decaying, leftovers, etc. Barbecue food; In addition, it should also limit the high protein, high fat and fatty foods of the animal. 

Renal cyst patients not only brought attention to in our daily life, the key is to against the damaged kidneys stop treatment in time, early found early treatment, condition will soon be control and repair, long delay is likely to produce complications, and get up late kidney failure and kidney failure, toxicity, so treatment and diet in parallel, the illness can be controlled. 

For renal cysts, there are a lot of things to pay attention to, which can save a lot of energy and get better treatment. So what is the daily life notice of renal cyst? 

Liver and renal cysts generally develop slowly, do not become cancerous, and have good prognosis. Liver and kidney cyst are mostly congenital, also have single hair, also can be more frequently, sometimes liver, kidney cyst also exists, say liver and kidney cyst at the same time, generally say kidney cyst does not have much effect to human body health. Excessive liver and kidney cysts. The organs that are or around the organs can form oppressive symptoms or have inflammation, which can be treated with acupuncture or surgical decompression, and antibiotics should be treated with antibiotics. Palmprint diagnose liver, renal cyst is very reliable, do not need to do more examination commonly. No oppressive liver, renal cyst can not be treated, and no effective treatment. Normal work and life, large liver, renal cyst, should be careful to avoid local trauma. 

Daily life of renal cyst 

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