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Diet of patients with simple renal cyst

Many people suffer from renal cysts are feeling very depressed, because the treatment of this disease is very difficult, serious and even some serious consequences, threating life. After suffering from renal cysts, on the one hand need to accept systematic treatment in a regular hospital, on the other hand need to pay attention to the diet, then we have to understand what should pay attention to on diet!

Diet of patients with simple renal cyst

Water control: the degree of renal cyst patients also need to pay attention to the water intake: simple renal cyst, the renal function of concentration decreased, metabolic products need more water can be discharged from the kidney, therefore, patients with simple renal cyst without obvious edema, heart failure, hypertension, should not blindly limit water.

Salt intake restrictions: This situation is for the expansion of the cyst has been harmful to patients with renal function, because at this time of renal cyst patients need to control the salt, but not all of the patients with renal cysts should be strictly limited salt , depending on the circumstances of the inpidual.

Kidney cyst diet should pay attention to protein control: modern medicine that protein intake is too low or too much, no benefit to the kidneys. In particular, a large number of intake of protein, can produce too much metabolites, such as advanced renal failure, toxic toxins in urea, creatinine, guanidine, polyamines and some of the molecular substances are basically nitrogen metabolites.Controlling protein plays an important role in reducing the burden of kidney, reducing late renal failure, producing toxin, and alleviating the disease.

Diet taboo: spicy, greasy food. Diet in pepper, pepper, curry and other foods to ban into the dish. Marinated products and instant noodles with preservative food is forbidden. Do not smoke alcohol. Coffee, tea to taboo. Seafood should be banned. Do not be too salty, light-based.

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