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What are the methods for examination of renal cyst?

In life, kidney cyst is a very frightening kidney disease, so that timely treatment is the key to relieve the pain. We must know that the scientific diagnosis is the premise of effective treatment, in order to reduce the renal cysts to our body harm, we only in the early stages of the disease to do the relevant diagnosis, in order to minimize the harm. Here to introduce you about what are the methods of examination of renal cysts.

Some commonly used methods of clinical examination are patients who need to be actively involved in the diagnosis of renal cyst. When the renal excretory urography, tomography, ultrasound images and CT failed to make the most accurate diagnosis, selection for angiography and percutaneous cyst aspiration as the next diagnosis means, which can not only in the X-ray fluorescent screen monitoring can be carried out in ultrasound image monitoring. The discovery of clear cystic fluid is an encouraging sign, but cytology should still be performed.

For patients with cyst,cyst itself to be carefully checked, so as to achieve reliable diagnosis. Especially to pay attention to determine its fat content, increased fat content is consistent with the diagnosis of cancer. Followed by full drainage of the cyst fluid, and on behalf of the contrast agent. And then in different positions under the film to show the smooth wall, with or without the existence of vegetation. Before the contrast agent was withdrawn, 3 ml of iodoester lipids were injected into the cysts, which would reduce the fluid-induced changes.

The above is a brief introduction on renal cysts, by reading this article you have to have a certain understanding of it! Experts suggest that we must do the relevant prevention and treatment, if you have any questions or suggestions you want to know, you can give us a message consultation.

What are the methods for examination of renal cyst?

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