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What are the general treatment of renal cysts?

Renal cysts are more common in daily life, many patients because of understanding is not thorough and blind choice of treatment, which led to the exacerbations of the disease, then we come to look at the treatment of renal cysts are generally what the problem of it.

Drug treatment: the treatment of drugs This is a lot of patients will think of when sick, but to take drugs for treatment, this is only for early patients, but also to adhere to medication, taking drugs can not blindly choose, if the condition is heavy, taking drugs only play a role in alleviating the disease, inhibit the disease, the patient can not be long-term dependence on drugs, should be timely to take other treatment.

If necessary, surgical resection: how to treat renal cyst disease? For more serious cases of renal cysts, then it can take surgery, but need to pay attention to surgical treatment, this is only applicable to patients with unilateral renal cysts, under normal circumstances Kidney cysts, can be done under the guidance of puncture aspiration and to the capsule, the injection of drugs can be treated. Only when necessary to do surgery resection, after all, cyst damage to the kidneys rare.

Diet therapy: In general, diet as a means of adjuvant therapy, the effect is better, but for different patients, the diet must be a reasonable choice, appropriate food containing high quality protein food, pay attention to high fiber, high vitamin food The supplement and low fat, proper sugar diet. To avoid spicy, salty, greasy, fried and unsanitary diet, medical treatment and do a good job referral.

Prevention and treatment of infection: Clinically, we have produced a recurrence of renal cysts in patients with the investigation shows that most of them are because of the invasion of infection led to repeated illness. It can be seen that the prevention and treatment of infection is the most important one of the treatment of renal cysts, requiring patients to actively observe. Infection is one of the causes of renal cysts, when the body appears to be missing, a lot of bacteria will invade the kidneys, affecting the body's kidneys, to patients with serious injury. The most common of which is urinary tract infections

What are the general treatment of renal cysts?

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