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What are the diet precautions for patients with renal cyst?

Renal cyst can lead to hypertension and renal dysfunction, renal cysts, brought great influence to the patient, so I want to completely avoid the trouble caused by the disease, in addition to accept professional treatment timely, reasonable daily diet is also for disease treatment can play a good supporting role. Let's get to know it together!

Change the eating habits: renal cyst diet should be under the guidance of doctors to analyze their diet, change bad eating habits, limiting certain foods, so as to meet the nutritional requirements, improve the quality of life.

Control the heat supply: the appropriate heat should be determined according to the condition, generally to maintain the ideal weight as the standard. Because these patients tend to have lipid metabolism disorders, so the kidney cyst diet to reduce fat intake will not only help to control calories, but also improve metabolic disorders.

Proper intake of protein: protein is essential nutrients for the human body, but if the protein intake is too high, it will increase the burden on the kidneys, aggravating kidney damage; if inadequate intake, it will affect the human body's nutritional supply. Therefore, the diet should be based on the patients with renal cyst renal function determines the protein intake: no obvious impairment of renal function, protein intake control in 50g daily; if the blood creatinine and urea nitrogen was significantly abnormal, protein intake should be reduced to 20 to 40g daily.

Low salt, high vitamin diet: hypertensive nephropathy patients should control the intake of salt, to avoid salted food; should also eat less food contain preservatives. Kidney cysts intake of adequate intake of vitamins, especially B vitamins, metabolic beneficial to regulate the body, if necessary, can take vitamin supplements.

Forbidden to eat visceral food: animal offal made of cooked food is not suitable for patients with kidney cysts, especially animal liver, China has a message, what to eat, what to fill, in fact not the case, in the process of killing animals, many toxins left in the liver , The kidney, especially the liver, the liver function is detoxification, a lot of animal metabolic toxins are left in the internal organs, if the patient taking these substances after the invisible increase in burden on the kidneys, aggravate the condition.

Limit the taste of heavy food: such as pickled salted food. Of course, the control of salinity, according to the patient's condition and renal function to adjust, not all of the kidney cysts should be strictly limited salt diet.

Restrict spicy food: such as peppers, alcohol, smoking, chocolate, coffee, fish, shrimp, crab and so on.

Avoid eating fermented foods: The fermented food here is mainly fermented food, such as fermented bean curd, rotten eggs. 

What are the diet precautions for patients with renal cyst?

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