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What dietary problems should renal cyst patients pay attention to?

Kidney cyst is the size of the kidneys ranging from the outside world is not connected to the cystic mass of the general term, also known as renal cystic disease. Common renal cysts can be pided into polycystic kidney, simple renal cyst and acquired renal cyst, medullary sponge kidney and para renal cyst. For the sick friend who does not rely on drug treatment, in the diet should also pay more attention to, if the patients have poor eating habits, not only no effect on treatment, may also aggravate the condition of development.

Speak nutrition of patients with renal cyst should eat high protein food with high quality, high fiber, high attention of Weisu food and low fat, appropriate sugar diet.

Not a partial eclipse, whole grains, fresh vegetables and fruits, cattle, sheep, pig lean meat, eggs, milk, fish and other edible.

Water intake: Various renal diseases due to different causes, different course of disease, treatment measures are not the same. In mild renal failure, the renal function of concentration decreased, metabolic products need more water can be discharged from the kidney, therefore, patients with renal cyst without obvious edema, heart failure, hypertension, should not blindly limit water. Special reminders are those patients with chronic renal failure, do not think that kidney failure must be strictly limited moisture, if too much water can easily increase the deterioration of renal function.

Should pay attention to not eat salty class (including pickled), do not eat spicy class (including pepper, wine, shrimp, crab, etc.) do not eat contaminated (including rotten leftovers, etc.), do not eat barbecue, and renal dysfunction or uremia should also pay attention to beans and its products do not eat, limiting animal foods high in protein, greasy foods etc..

Salt intake: control of salt, according to renal disease and renal function to adjust the degree of renal function, not all patients with chronic renal insufficiency should be strictly limited salt.

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