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Diet care measures for patients with double kidney cyst

How about a diet for double kidney cysts? The renal cyst is the key to the development of polycystic kidney disease. I don't need treatment for small renal cysts. Just do regular observation, and with some reasonable diet, then, for a serious kidney cyst, in addition to effective treatment, we also have to cooperate with reasonable diet treatment. Well, how should eat for double kidney cyst? Next please experts to introduce for us. 

For some small renal cysts, no need for treatment, only need regular observation, with a reasonable diet. Some large renal cysts in addition to some effective treatment, but also should be coordinated with reasonable prevention and control work, diet is one of them. Patients suffering from double kidney cyst should pay attention to the following diet aftercare measures.

Diet care measures for patients with double kidney cyst
Diet care measures for patients with double kidney cyst

Double kidney cyst diet should pay attention to not eat salty (including pickled), do not eat spicy class (including pepper, wine, shrimp, crab, etc.) do not eat contaminated (including rotten leftovers, etc.), do not eat barbecue, and progression to renal cyst of kidney disease not all or the occurrence of uremic patients should also pay attention to not eat beans and their products, limiting animal foods high in protein, greasy foods etc..

In addition, patients with kidney cyst need to pay attention to rest, to avoid severe physical activity and abdominal trauma, kidney swelling is more obvious when you should use the strap instead of the belt, so as not to cause cyst rupture; generally half a year review (including blood pressure, urine, renal function and B Super); branch (parents, brothers and sisters and children) for B-ultrasound.

Above is the relevant description of renal cysts, through the above-mentioned I believe we have a certain understanding of it! Experts suggest that we must do a good job related to prevention work, if you have any questions or suggestions you want to know, you can leave a message for us.


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