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Is multiple double kidney cyst serious?

For renal cysts, I believe many people do not understand that the most common cases are left renal cyst and right renal cyst, and multiple double renal cysts are not very common in our life. But it doesn't mean the disease is not serious. How to treat it? Here's see if the experts have better advice.

Is multiple double kidney cyst serious?

Multiple renal cysts, cysts will increase with age, and more and more will oppress the normal kidney tissue, causing the cyst on both sides of the tissue ischemia and hypoxia, and gradually hardening, if at this time did not get effective treatment , it will cause necrosis of the kidney tissue, which in turn will start the process of renal fibrosis, the gradual decline in the function of the kidneys.

Experts say there is no good way to treat renal cysts, and that patients with small cysts do not need any treatment without obvious symptoms. But often review the cyst is observed. Asymptomatic persons should be regular urine tests, including urine, urine culture, once every six months to a year renal function tests. There have been laboratory abnormalities and prominent clinical symptoms, it must be a good treatment, or there may be a lot of complications or development to renal failure.

Experts say that Chinese medicine treatment of renal cysts is based on the level of each doctor different, different effects, under normal circumstances if the cyst at 4 cm below the traditional Chinese medicine may make it slowly narrowed, most of the small cysts can disappear. Three to five months of treatment time.It usually takes three to five months to treat cysts. If kidney function is impaired, it can be used to restore renal function simultaneously with traditional Chinese medicine in the treatment of cysts.

Diet of multiple renal cysts : Patients with multiple renal cyst should eat high quality protein, high fiber, high vitamin supplements, low fat and proper sugar diet. In addition, patients with multiple renal cysts should pay attention to rest, to avoid strenuous physical activity and abdominal trauma.

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